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Arrested for a Swim

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
Arrested for a Swim

Aaron Hughes from Ruthin, Wales, is a lucky man.  He was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party but he didn’t get lucky in a casino.  His group drove to the Hoover Dam and Aaron decided to swim across.  No one has ever made it.  The hydroelectric turbines cause such a swirling of water that swimmers get pulled under.  What makes Aaron lucky is that 9 of the 10 turbines were not working that day.  It was still difficult for him to make it across and waiting on the other side were the police to arrest him.  He got a ticket for “jumping, diving, swimming from dam’s spillways or other structures.”  He should pay that fine with a smile on his face because he’s still alive to do it.  Source: Fox News

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