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Prepper Donates

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
Prepper Donates

Joseph Badame and his wife had been preppers since 1970.  They spent about a million dollars outfitting their basement with several kitchens, bathrooms, and a bomb shelter.  It was filled with survival manuals and enough food to feed 84 people for 4 months.  Unfortunately his wife suffered a massive stroke in 2005.  Joseph refinanced their home for a half-million dollars and used the money to care for his wife until her passing in 2013.  At that point he was broke.  He lost his wife, had no job, and his home was in foreclosure.  At the estate sale, he met a couple  that gave him a new purpose in his life.  He donated $100 to the couple who were raising money for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. But above and beyond that, he gave the couple his entire stockpile of 80 barrels of dried beans, rice, flour, sugar, pancake mixes, and more.  Source: Yahoo News

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