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La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Two pilots in separate incidents saw something fly over the top of their planes.  The first happened about 3:30 pm on February 24 as a Learjet flew over Arizona.  The pilot asks if any plane flew over them and the FAA responds with “negative.”  With another plane in the area, the FAA in Albuquerque alerts them to the object.  American Airlines Flight 1095 replies within a minute that the object just flew over them as well.  This all happened about 500 miles from Roswell, New Mexico, where UFO stories are plentiful.   The controller, the FAA, and the pilots have no idea what it was.  This all comes three months after the Navy released videos taken by Navy pilots that gave an inside look into the secret investigation into UFO’s.  So, was it really a spaceship or some other ordinary object?  Source: CBS News


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