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Daily Dose of BS Nov 21 the hunt
Nov. 21, 2014 5:39 am

You can feel the excitement of the people headed to the woods this weekend.   In Wisconsin the official state colors change from Green and Gold to Blaze Orange for the next nine days.  We will be hearing stories about the elusive thirty point buck, and hopefully tales of great sportsmanship and stewardship in the woods and at deer camp.  I go to deer camp for the camaraderie and the fellowship, I grew up in a non-hunting family and didn?t go hunting for the first time until about 20 years ago, since then I have only missed a few deer camps, the funny thing is I don?t hunt.  Two of my three boys do and the third is interested, so he will be spending time in the woods with some of the more experienced hunters.  If you are going to be out in the woods this weekend or at any time in the next 9 days, please be safe, and remember it?s about the memory, make those memories and go back and relive them when needed.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 20 Spark
Nov. 20, 2014 5:36 am

It has been a sad month at the Schmidt house, we found out about a month ago that our trusted loved companion Spark has lymphoma.  He is the first family pet for our kids and he was the greatest springer spaniel that you could have.  Always eager to please and offer up kisses and unconditional love.  As I write this a lump in my throat is forming and the warm tears are rolling down my face, my lip is also quivering.  I would have never thought that a dog could bring so much love and joy into a household.  After the diagnosis of his cancer we asked our vet and our friends how will we know when it is time, they all said you would know.  Well last night we knew.  We all spent time holding and crying with Spark last night, we even all went out for ice cream.  I am going to miss my tail wagging buddy, he was my sole companion every afternoon, he heard the good and the bad.  For almost 10 years Spark brought life, love and smiles to all of us.  I miss you already buddy, and I love you.   We will be together again my friend.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 19 walker
Nov. 19, 2014 5:36 am

Governor Scott Walker is considering a run for president.  Really?  This is such a shock to me.  Note the sarcasm in my voice.  I asked him straight out during an interview quite a while ago if his aspirations were to be President of the United States, and his answer was his wife would like to see him as the president of Harley Davidson more money and a lot less work.  I would think that even having your name in the hat for office of the president would be pretty cool.  We are still a couple years away from the next presidential election, but, if we were to measure that time in mudslinging and bad political ads I guess we are not that far from it.  Who would you like to see as the Democratic and the Republican candidates for the next election?  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 18 sleep
Nov. 18, 2014 5:39 am

How often are you so tired that you fall asleep doing whatever it is you?re doing?  I often fall asleep in the afternoon, not often but daily.  I am an early riser and I don?t keep regular hours, but I supplement my daily sleep with a power nap.  There is very few days a month that I don?t nap.  With that being said there are people who walk thru life as a zombie, they never get enough sleep, even if they are getting 10 hours a day ? look at most teenagers.  Why would people not get enough sleep, why do this to yourself?  What is your sleep cycle?  Can you survive on 6 hours a night, or do you need 9 hours or something in between.  Do you have a time of the day that you shine?  I prefer mornings and late nights, see my problem.  Weird thing is if I don?t nap I have a hard time sleeping at night.  I would guess that most of us have some weird sleep thing.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 17 Bill Cosby
Nov. 17, 2014 5:39 am

I feel as though I didn?t do my job.  I interviewed Bill Cosby a few weeks ago, in fact the day before I got the interview I noticed the allegations against him from several women made it on to the Google news feed.  I dismissed them as quackery, there often are career harming allegations spread about famous people in cyberspace, and in the human rumor mill.  Because I dismissed those stories as allegations and because I didn?t ask the tough question of Mr Cosby I am sorry.  If you heard the interview you know that he must have been in damage control mode, as he was guarded and didn?t really stop talking to allow me to get a word in edgewise.  About tree thousand people along with my wife and I went to the show on Friday and honestly he is a great story teller, his facial expressions are still hilarious and many laughed at his stories, including me.  Afterward the conversation was had how could you support someone accused of such a heinous crime, my response was this is still America.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 14 sexting
Nov. 14, 2014 5:37 am

According to a professor at the University of Colorado, there is no harm done with consensual sexting.  She goes on to say ?If there?s no harm or privacy violation, then there?s no need to hold anyone accountable?.   Up to 28% of teens are sending sex pictures or sexting with each other on their cell phones.  What we as parents think that kids are doing with their phones is surely different than what is really going on.  Getting on the old man soap box now but the once-innocent ?I?ll show you mine you mine, if you show me yours? game has gone digital, and with digital pictures out there floating in cyber space you really have no control in who is even seeing these pictures.  I guess what it boils down to is put away your phone and don?t take pictures of anything that you wouldn?t want everyone to see, today, tomorrow or in the future.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 13 health care
Nov. 13, 2014 5:29 am

Last year at this time there were all kinds of problems with HealthCare.Gov now new issues.  The market place opens up once again Saturday, the new feature on the website, window shopping.  I have talked to many people over the past year about their issues with getting health insurance; it was supposed to be affordable right?  Have you found it affordable?  I have heard from many who said that what they have now is a catastrophe plan, meaning high deductible and low payout.  Wasn?t the whole reason behind the roll out of healthcare.gov to make that different, to offer good quality health care at an affordable price?  I have yet to hear from anyone who got that.  What have you heard? 

Daily Dose of BS Nov 12 black friday
Nov. 12, 2014 5:42 am

A Valley View Mall employee is petitioning the mall to have them not have the mall open at 6pm on Thanksgiving.  I totally agree with this petition.  Where do I sign it?  Last year after our Thanksgiving meal we went for a drive and did stop at one of the big box stores and got a great deal on a computer, would I go out in the massive crowds again?  I don?t think so.  Unless, of course there is a need that I have that I don?t know about yet.  Have you ever gone out shopping on either Thanksgiving evening or Black Friday for those awesome door buster deals?  What I don?t like about the new earlier and earlier times for Black Friday is that when it cuts into the Thanksgiving meal that often this is the only time that some families get together, this is camaraderie of friends and family, a great meal, good fellowship and plenty to be thankful for.  Oh yea and football and pumpkin pie too.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 11 freedom
Nov. 11, 2014 5:31 am

If you have served our great country, thank you.  If you are thinking of serving our country, thank you.  If anyone in your family is or has served, thanks to you as well, there have been sacrifices made by all of the above.  I feel as though we are more thankful to our Veterans now than we once were.  I heard stories from men who returned from the Vietnam War where people have spit on them when they returned states side and had people calling them names.  Really?  These brave soldiers have sacrificed not only life and limb but family and career advancement to fight for what they believed to be right.  I have many friends and relatives who have served and to them and their families thank you.  When you see a Veteran today or ever thank them for their service to our country.  God Bless America, and remember that our freedom is not free; someone paid the price for your freedom.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 10 hackers
Nov. 10, 2014 5:31 am

I hate hackers.  There I said it.  I really don?t like that word but hackers are making our world a tougher place to live.  Last year about this time Target got hacked and credit cards were compromised, this last April Home Depot got hacked, and I just got an email from them this past week saying that my email may have also been compromised.  We hear of other compromises in banking about every other day.  I am not a fan.  These all compromises all hurt us, especially the attacks on small businesses.  Lots of hackers are breaking into small business websites and emails.  This is costing us all, time, effort and energy.  And what are they getting out of some of the hacks?  I don?t get it.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 7 welfare
Nov. 7, 2014 5:42 am

Want welfare pass a drug test, want food stamps pass a drug test, want unemployment pass a drug test.  Governor Scott Walker wants to make that law.  Guess what he isn?t the only one talking about it, twenty other states are talking about enacting drug testing for welfare, unemployment and food stamps.  I think this is something I can stand behind.  I look at it this way, you have money for the illegal drugs, right?  Why not use your money that you were going to be spending on the drugs for food, shelter and clothing?  I spend my money on those things, and my budget doesn?t leave enough money for me to use illegal drugs even if I wanted to.  Doesn?t a lot of this boil down to supply and demand?  Or even the basics that I learned in economics class back in high school, wants are unlimited and resources are scarce?  Meaning we budget for the things that we need, save for the things we want, and borrow for the luxuries.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 6 heating
Nov. 6, 2014 5:40 am

44 for the high today.  Our first real cold day of the season.  I was hoping to not turn on my heat until November 1 I ended up turning it on Halloween afternoon.  Heating season is now on and my guess is it will be on for the majority of the next 5 months at least.  In my house I keep it between 67 and 72.  I used to have my thermostat set to move it between those two heats but the clock got off on the thermostat and it kept drifting so now I just turn it up or down based on if cold or not.  What have you done to save money on heating your home?  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 5 elections
Nov. 5, 2014 5:31 am

One more Schmidt with his license, my son passed his drivers test yesterday.  That was the biggest change, well that and no more robo-calls and no more negative ads, at least for the next little bit.  Not much changed when you look at the big picture here in Wisconsin and also across the border.  I guess even though there were many complaining about the way our states were going, I guess we weren?t upset enough to change.  From the looks of it we elected most of the incumbents.  I guess it goes to show you once you are in a job of power, you keep it unless you really screw it up.  I guess it will be back to politics as usual for Madison.  Also do you believe that if you don?t vote you don?t get to bitch?  As an American I think it my right to bitch but I vote, if I didn?t maybe I wouldn?t bitch as loud, then again maybe I would bitch even louder.  Happy day after election, I hope you are happy.  J

Daily Dose of BS Nov 3 rally
Nov. 3, 2014 5:39 am

A few things about this weekend, got the leaves raked, went out with some friends, took a road trip, stopped by as a reporter to a political rally.  Three of the four items went as well as planned even better than planned, one however leaves me scratching my head. Over the weekend both of the candidates running for Governor for the state of Wisconsin were in town.  Both candidates were here stumping for themselves and for their party.  I only happed to hear of one of these stops from a friend of mine who is a Walker fan, he forwarded me info.  Both were covered by local tv and newspaper, I was the only radio person at the rally I attended as a radio reporter.  I tried to get an interview with the Governor, was told there was no availability, that?s odd, both the tv stations that stopped by got one on ones.  Another thing about this weekend it started alternate side parking and also the time change.  Uggh.  Even though there were a few downfalls it was a great weekend.  I also don?t understand the Governors bashing of the media, if it wasn?t for the media none of the candidates would get any air time except for the time bought. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 31 no masks
Oct. 31, 2014 5:38 am

Today is Halloween and many will don masks, but maybe today we are really showing who we really are.  Have you ever given that any thought?  I am guessing that many will dress up as they really see themselves.  I think what would be better if we took off those masks and be who you are all the time.  It isn?t an easy task, but I believe that it can be done.   I do try to be the same person on air as I am in life, but it has been pointed out that sometimes I too put on that mask.  Being who others want us to be can put a strain on who you are, and who you have become, I think that today we should all enjoy the day being the person that you are with your mask on then next week try to be the person you are without that mask, live life who you are and have no worries.  Be proud of the person that you have become, and if you are not happy with that person, work on changing yourself to be the person you want to become.  Happy Halloween 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 30 faith restored
Oct. 30, 2014 6:18 am

Ever misplaced money?  I went to the post office yesterday to pick up my mail for my business and ended up with a bunch of junk mail and a couple of checks.  I had to go up to the postal desk to ask a question about my home delivery and while waiting in line opened the checks and put them into my pocket, the same pocket as my keys.   Asked my question, headed to my car, unlocked the door and drove home.  After I let the dog out I noticed that my checks weren?t in my pocket, the fear of what happened to my money went through my head, I looked in the car, rechecked my pockets, checked my pockets again, checked the car, got back into the car and drove back to the post office with panic rushing through my veins, got on my hands and knees and looked around where I parked and found one of the envelopes now the panic really sets in, head back into the post office stood in line, and it couldn?t move fast enough, finally got up and asked the question if anyone turned in any envelopes, no one did, a guy Keith in line said yea I found them and was going to return them to the business on the envelope.  Thanks Keith for making my day and making me realize that there is good in the world.  If you know Keith from Dynamic Recycling give him a pat on the back.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 29 scary stuff
Oct. 29, 2014 5:38 am

Election day is just under a week away.  Last night was a heated debate with the 3rddistrict candidates Congressman Ron Kind and challenger Tony Kurtz.  There was more interrupting than I have seen at other debates, some finger pointing and raised voices.  I guess that the debate did exactly what it was supposed to do, get some questions answered, and show how your favorite candidate does under pressure.  Besides the Election Day coming up another scary event coming up this week Halloween and this year it is on a Friday.  I am guessing that the local bars will be hopping and there will be lots of scary customs and some sexy ones as well.  Halloween is a whole different beast now than it was back in the day when I put on my Dads old work clothes and my Mom used eye liner to give me a beard, I used to go as a hobo and once in a while as a plain ghost, depending on if we got new sheets or not.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 27 bullying
Oct. 27, 2014 5:36 am

This is National Bullying Prevention Month but I don?t think it is sinking in.  We are still seeing bullying going on.  When I was a kid they used to say suck it up, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt me.  I know this is not true, words can and do hurt.  Especially if these words come from someone that you either look up to, or is an authority figure.  Which brings me to the terrible situation that happened in Washington last Friday, why are we seeing on a yearly basis school shootings, kids dying at the hands of other kids?  We need to think this through and put a stop to it, is the cause bullying?  Or is it something bigger than this?  What can we do to make sure that our most precious of people can be safe when away from home?  The first step that we must remember is that words can and do hurt.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 24 cmnh
Oct. 24, 2014 5:39 am

Day 2 of the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon in La Crosse.  The goal this year is lofty $100,000.  Over One hundred thousand dollars to help families with kids, last year 8,000 local kids were helped by the Children?s Miracle Network Hospital  and every child served has a story of courage and perseverance.  Please dig a bit in your pockets, your seat cushions and piggy banks and help the La Crosse Radio Group reach this goal to help thousands every year.  The phones are manned 6a-6p today and 8a-3p on Saturday.  Help the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon.  The number to help is 608-781-1477 or toll free 800-853-6889.  100% of your donation goes to help the families.  Please Help!

Daily Dose of BS Oct 23 CMNH
Oct. 23, 2014 5:45 am

Today marks the start of the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon in La Crosse.  The goal this year is lofty $100,000.  Over One hundred thousand dollars to help families with kids, last year over 8,000 local kids were helped by the Children?s Miracle Network Hospital  and every child served has a story of courage and perseverance.  Please dig a bit in your pockets, your seat cushions and piggy banks and help the La Crosse Radio Group reach this goal to help thousands every year.  The phones are manned 6a-6p today and tomorrow  and 8a-3p on Saturday.  Help the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon.  The number to help is 608-781-1477 or toll free 800-853-6889

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