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Daily Dose of BS money Oct 9
Oct. 9, 2015 5:40 am

I read sometime in the past week that is costs about 2 cents to make a penny and about a dime to make a nickel.  It got me wondering, are we at a point where we don?t need to make these pieces of money any more, or should we find a better more efficient way of making them?  I for one would bet that if we dropped either or both of these iconic money pieces that prices would go up to the closest dime rather than drop to the closest multiple of ten.  I also thought if the cost is higher than the value isn?t that for the first time use then with each use after we split that cost, and eventually it would be insignificant, right?  I also wonder if the cost of the metal to make the coins is higher than the value of the coin, won?t that cause hording of the money for the value of the metal.  Oh the things I wonder.

Daily Dose of BS texting Oct 8
Oct. 8, 2015 5:36 am

You know that texting and driving is against the law right?  Daily I look at the people around me the others that are sharing the road with me and my family and friends.  Daily I see distracted drivers plowing through their lives eyes down on a phone or other device while they should be paying attention to the stuff going on around them.  Daily I see a distracted parent texting while in the car with their most precious of cargo in the back seat.  I have even seen senior citizens looking down at a phone while driving.  This is a problem, a serious problem that not only is affecting us, but affecting people all over the country.  The laws have been written to keep people from texting and driving but that hasn?t helped.  The police in La Crosse for 5 days this month will be cracking down on distracted driving including stopping those who are texting and driving.  Remember that whomever you are texting can wait. 

Daily Dose of BS fair? Oct 7
Oct. 7, 2015 6:02 am

Everybody wants life to be fair, guess what it isn?t, and it never will be.  I think of all the times that things were fair in my life, and really truly they never were.  Someone always has the advantage or the upper hand.  How we deal with that is what makes us who we are.  I recall when I was a kid and my brothers and I would fight over the last piece of anything and mom would always jump in and try to make it fair, offering to cut it up into thirds the ?fair? thing to do.  Someone always got the smaller piece or was the last to pick or wasn?t happy for this reason or that reason.  Fast forward to life now, people get opportunities that you never got, how unfair is that?  Guess what life isn?t about being fair it is about making your own opportunities and knowing when to take them.  Quit whining about life and take it. 

Daily Dose of BS breakfast for supper Oct 6
Oct. 6, 2015 5:38 am

McDonald?s has heard the call and starting today will be offering breakfast all day long.  Breakfast for supper has been a staple around the Schmidt house for many years, who doesn?t like a quick bowl of cereal and toast when there isn?t something else around.  I have made oven bake French toast for dinner and the family loves it when homemade biscuits and gravy is the evening meal.  There is something about having breakfast for supper, it is comfort food at a time when most of us need to be comforted, we are just getting home from a hard day at the office or at school.  McDonalds I?m loving the fact that you are now doing breakfast all day, now you just got to expand the menu to include my favorite McGriddles.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 5 trash
Oct. 5, 2015 5:35 am

My parents taught me not to litter, to pick up after myself, to leave things in better shape when you are finished using something.  For the most part I believe that I do all of the above.  I really enjoyed Oktoberfest this year, I like that for the most part that people were respectful of others, and of other people?s things, there were a few issues like there always are when your community grows by a hundred thousand for a day, but mostly things were good.  What I don?t get is the litter that is strewn on the parade route and the cyclone of trash that is in the college neighborhoods.  I didn?t venture to deep into college town, but on West Avenue I think that the visitors into our beautiful city forgot to pick up after themselves.  How hard is it to pick up your beer bottle, chip bag, or solo cup when you are finished with it and put it in the trash?  Remember you Mom doesn?t live here, pick up after yourself, in fact even if your Mother did live here, pick up your own stuff.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 2 Oktoberfest
Oct. 2, 2015 5:06 am

Year two for the shortened Oktoberfest, I said it last year and will say it again.  I liked the fest being whittled down into 4 days of action packed fun instead of dragged out over 9 days.  You know that things need to change or face doom, and this was a step in the right direction.  After living in La Crosse since 1992 I have been around Oktoberfest for 23 years, participating in the Maple Leaf parade and always amazed at the amount of people who come out of the wood work to watch and cheer.  I always wondered though, do people take vacation to go stake their claim of park land or boulevard for a 5 hour parade?  One last thought, no matter how you celebrate Oktoberfest, I hope that great memories are made.  Here is to a safe, fun, trouble free Oktoberfest.  Gemütlichkeit, Ein Prosit and Old McDonald has a farm, ummm I mean EiEiEio?have a great fest.  And join us at the American Legion Post #52 for the slicing of the Golden Brat.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 1 prices
Oct. 1, 2015 5:38 am

I love a bargain, really who doesn?t?  Starting today Target is now matching prices of their online rivals, isn?t this something that has always been done?  I guess I always assumed that when you bought something from a national online store that you automatically got the lowest price.  I do know if you have an ad from somewhere and the price is lower that you bring it to the attention of the cashier that they will often discount the item to the lower price, I guess I always assumed that it was available to online shoppers also.  I like that this feature is now available, but it can?t help to make me think, is this a good thing?  Hear me out, will this end well for us consumers, if everyone is matching everyone else?s prices, won?t that just push all retailers to not have sale prices and just use the manufacturers suggested retail price? 

Daily Dose of BS Sept 30 drinking at fest
Sept. 30, 2015 5:43 am

We are going to be seeing many people drinking to excess this weekend.  It unfortunately is a fact.  I contend that you can go to Oktoberfest and either drink just a couple to be social or not drink at all.  I have been on both ends of the spectrum over living in La Crosse for the past 23 year, I gotta say the years that involved less drinks were just as fun and maybe even more fun than the ones that had overindulged Bob.  I understand that at festivals and especially ones where everyone seems drunker than the next person, you feel the pressure to drink to excess, as I try to show my kids in moderation it is ok, but don?t let it get away from you.  Think before that last drink. 

Daily Dose of BS Sept 29 animals
Sept. 29, 2015 5:43 am

On my way into work this morning a possum ran out in the street and under my car.  I somehow missed it.  I also saw a mouse crossing the road, when I saw the mouse I started laughing and thought to myself why would a mouse cross the road, then immediately thought well to get to the other side.  I was lucky that I didn?t hit either of these animals, I have in the past thought about the point value, you know the old game there?s 10 points, but then kept on driving.  One time a squirrel ran right under my wheels and I felt bad, another time a rabbit did the same thing, suicide by car, not a cool game in the animal kingdom.  I especially hate when the person in front of me gets a skunk.

Daily Dose of BS Sept 28 thanksgiving dinner
Sept. 28, 2015 6:03 am

I got an email on Friday announcing that the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner was going to be cancelled.  Even though I had only attended that diner once, I had always talked about it and thought it was one of the gems about living in our community.  The reason for the cancellation is because of lack of volunteers to step up and help.  I am hopeful that this gem will return even brighter than before.  I guess that this goes to show that even if something is good and helps the community that the community needs to get behind and share their talents with these events, remember that they don?t run on their own.  If there is an event that you like, this could be the wakeup call for maybe you to step up and help out, I know it was a wakeup for me.

Daily Dose of BS Sept 23 happy birthday song
Sept. 23, 2015 5:45 am

I always thought it was funny whenever there was a birthday on tv or movie that they never sang the happy birthday song there was always some made up song that went along with that birthday.  Well that may change as the holder of the copy write for that piece of music may only own the copy write for the piano music and not the lyrics.  I don?t know I will kind of miss the different renditions of the song that we have grown accustom to.  Speaking of birthdays, my wife has a big one tomorrow she turns the big 5-0.  Happy birthday Marcia and here is too many more birthday tunes for you. 

Daily Dose of BS Sept 22 Christmas in September
Sept. 22, 2015 5:35 am

I was walking through Shopko last week and they were already pushing Christmas, over the weekend I stopped at Kmart and guess what the same thing.  When is it too early to start pushing Christmas?  Also what do you think the take away for Christmas is these days?  It certainly doesn?t have the same meaning as it did when I was a kid.  Now it seems like the more crap you can get in the hands of the consumer the better.  What about the simple times?  One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my kids were babies and we went to church as a family, had a great meal and good family time.  We did all this with the traditional Christmas décor and of course the classic Christmas carols in the background. Christmas used to be enjoyed in December not pushed down our throats starting in September.  Merry Greedmas, and lets ho ho hope for lots of profits.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 21 Farm and Fleet
Sept. 21, 2015 5:40 am

Have you driven from La Crosse north to Farm and Fleet?  How did you get there?  The Wisconsin DOT is working off a grant from 2003 to extend the turning lane on to Kinney Coulee Road.  If I were Farm and Fleet I would be mad as hell, I am mad and I am just an occasional consumer.  I am mad that I have to either go up by Woodman?s and turn around or drive onto the interstate and loop back around to head westbound on Highway 16 to turn into the store.  Not cool, not cool at all.  When the DOT comes up with their plans don?t they look at the impact of businesses around?  I also wonder if now that you have to plan for an extra mile to get to Farm and Fleet if they will get an entrance from parking lot over by Target now?  How inconvenient for consumers and employees.  Also how rude for the planners to shut down access to a business. 

Daily Dose of BS Sept 18 Favre
Sept. 18, 2015 5:40 am

Big year for Brett Favre first his number 4 is going to be retired on Thanksgiving night and was just announced that he is a nominee for the 2016 pro football hall of fame.  It is funny when you bring up Brett Favres name there are some that love and some that hate him.  One of my good friends Tom never liked him even in his hay day.  Another buddy Jim loves him.  Me I thought that Favre rocked the game and was an iron man and was amazing when he was on.  I remember being like lots of other Packer fans and wondered what the heck were they thinking when they choose to start Rogers over Favre, honestly I was quite mad about it.  I guess that goes to show you what I know ? not too much apparently.

Daily Dose of BS September 17 racism
Sept. 17, 2015 5:41 am

According to you do we live in a racist society?  I am not sure that I qualify to answer this question, as I am a middle aged white male.  From what I see I think that we are living in a racist society, I believe that racism has no color boundaries, that there are people in every shade that don?t like or want to talk with another race.  According to Google when you type in define racism the answer you get is ?the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.?  After hearing that definition I wonder if people truly are racist or if people are just egotistical and they don?t know about other races or people other than themselves.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 16 panhandling
Sept. 16, 2015 5:42 am

Three times this week I ran into panhandlers and it is only Wednesday.  Two over by Walmart on the south side and yesterday while sitting at a light for about 5 minutes out by the Mall.  I want to say get a job.  The effort that is taken standing out there with a sign is more than they would have to do for many jobs.  As I have been getting older I have become more cynical and when I see the sign that says will work for food, or anything will help or down on my luck.  I want to say we all have bad days, how we choose to let those days guide us is up to us.  I have heard from others around town that they have given food and drinks to some of these people and it has been left there on the side of the road.  I also notice that once someone leaves from a particular panhandling place that often that place is left littered with candy bar wrappers and pop cans.   

Daily Dose of BS Sept 15 jerseys
Sept. 15, 2015 6:21 am

Should major sports allow advertising on jerseys?  The stadiums have almost every inch sponsored, why not use the jersey for advertising, but use it to offset the cost of the tickets.  It is getting to be outrageous for a family to go to a sporting event these days, you need a loan and payoff plan in order to take the whole family to a game, then when you are there don?t forget you gotta eat and drink.  Maybe they should look at sponsoring the jerseys etc.  There are already the Nike swoop on some of the jerseys or the Under Armor x on others, instead of trying to be sly do it like Nascar and have the sponsors all over the jerseys.  Save us fans some money.  

Daily Dose of BS September 10 hs football
Sept. 10, 2015 5:39 am

By now you have most likely seen the video of the two Texas High School football players who intentionally tackled the referee in last Fridays game.  This was malicious and intentional; I want to know who thought that this was ok?  There was a claim by some of the students that there was some racial slurs said to the two players others are saying it was retaliation against the referee for missed calls, either way it was wrong, and blindsiding this referee is unacceptable.  I think that this incident should be made an example of, so that it doesn?t happen again.  If it was a bad call, you need to live with it because guess what- there are bad calls at each and every game.  Plus you can?t retaliate each and every time that something doesn?t go your way.

Daily Dose of BS Sept 9 fat shamming
Sept. 9, 2015 6:26 am

Comedian Nichole Arbour stirred the pot last week by introducing a 6 minute video titled ?Dear Fat People?.  The video says that obesity is not a disease and that fat shaming is not a thing saying that fat people made that up that it is the race card with no race.  She goes on to say what are you going to do chase me?  Well Nichole, being a fat guy myself I would like to ask this question, who do you think you are making fun of a group of people?  Would you make fun of any other group?  I don?t know who you are but, I would bet that you would most likely be one of the first to stand up for almost any other group, what makes it ok for you to pick on fat people?  You know what if you are happy with who you are, live life and enjoy what you have.

Daily Dose of BS Aug 28 no facebook
Aug. 28, 2015 5:36 am

Social media and texting have been a big part of my life for the past I would guess 7 years.  I am going to attempt to do something I have never done before, on Monday when my vacation officially starts until Labor Day I am going to attempt to not text or not go on to facebook.  This is going to be tough for me as I have been tied to facebook for work and pleasure for many years, in fact my facebooking and texting have gotten so bad that I will miss parts of life because I am looking at the stupid screen on my phone.  Vacation this time around isn?t anything special just going to be taking a staycation hoping to get a few things done around the house, also plan on carrying on a tradition that my parents started when I was in school, on the first day of school I have always taken the kids out for breakfast, and don?t plan on disrupting that tradition.  I hope I can make it from August 31 ? September 7th without texting and facebooking, any ideas on how to do it?

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