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Daily Dose of BS Oct 21 parking
Oct. 21, 2014 5:37 am

The one thing you hear people complain about most in La Crosse is parking and that will soon be at the top of minds when alternate side parking is implemented next month.  We always have alternate side parking November 1st through April 1stif there is snow or no snow.  I personally dislike this law, and I have in 22 years of living in La Crosse only had 2 tickets for parking on the wrong side of the street.  The city will be talking parking tomorrow at 4 at city hall, not about alternate side parking but about the parking ramps and what the city charges to park in the ramps.  I for one think we have a bargain when it comes to downtown parking.  A couple of free hours of parking then only 75 cents an hour maximum of 6 bucks per day, big city folks would jump at the chance to only pay that little.  Is it perfect, no, but is it doable, yes.   

Daily Dose of BS Oct 20 random act of kindness
Oct. 20, 2014 5:35 am

On facebook I got invited to participate in Random Act of Kindness day.  I was intrigued so I googled it and found that there are a few of them out there, however since I never heard of it before I am going to participate in the 2nd annual Random Act of Kindness day tomorrow.  October 21st this date was picked to honor the persons Mother and her Mom?s birthday.  So I challenge you to participate in this day tomorrow, and maybe do it a few times per year on dates that are important to you.  The acts don?t have to be big, you could buy coffee for the person behind you in line, or you could hold the door for someone, rake the neighbor?s yard, call and take a friend out for lunch, do something and make the day great.  I am guessing that your random act will not only feel good to the recipient but to you as well.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 17 street crossing
Oct. 17, 2014 5:32 am

Don?t you hate when the websites that you are a member to doesn?t work, by allowing you to log in?  I went to one this morning to get some quick reading done and it wouldn?t allow me in.  It said wrong user name and password, it can?t be it has worked for a long time and I haven?t changed it this is irritating.  You know what else bugs me is when you are driving down West Avenue by the University and the students cross the street but push the button for the cross walk before they go causing the flow of traffic to stop.  Or when you stop when there are students in the cross walk and you stop to allow them to cross and they don?t give you the wave.  I am not asking for much just a common courtesy of a nod, a smile or quick wave.   

Daily Dose of BS Oct 16 ebola
Oct. 16, 2014 5:34 am

Nurse number two now has Ebola and she flew, with a low grade fever.  I think she should be held responsible for the cleanup cost of the plane and for the testing of the people that were around her.  If you knowingly spread disease or virus shouldn?t you be held responsible?   The claims I heard on air said she contacted the CDC about the flight, I wonder who at the CDC approved her flight?  And should they be held responsible for the extra panic that we have all felt also? Also didn?t she fly from Dallas to Cleveland and then back?   I think we should do like other countries and we should shut down travel with countries that have the Ebola virus and focus on eradicating this virus. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 15 roundabouts
Oct. 15, 2014 5:36 am

I sometimes feel like I am running around chasing my tail, (no I really don?t have a tail) you ever feel like you are as well?  The government is now adding to that feeling, well even more than they usually do.  More and more communities are getting the run around and the turn around with the roundabout.  I don?t mind when they are in a neighborhood since there are no other cars around when you approach plus you can try for the world record of laps in a quiet roundabout, my son drove laps around the one on the south side 16 times before he got bored with it.  I get anxious when I approach them, what if I do it wrong, it stems from when I first approached one in the Dells, I didn?t know what to do I got off too early and ended up having to go out my way to get back on track.  Personally not a fan of the roundabout, I also wonder if they are called roundaboots in Canada?  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 14 pay attention
Oct. 14, 2014 6:07 am

I am going to put on my preachy Dad hat now.  You know I mention it all the time to pay attention when doing things.  I saw an adult yesterday at my sons football game texting and walking while avoiding puddles walk into a table.  He didn?t fall but come on people pay attention.  This goes for all aspects of life, from driving to walking to what you do on your computer.  I recall when I was a kid my Dad would say to me use your head for something other than to hold your glasses or your hat.  It must have done something for me cause I don?t like to wear hats.  Seriously though I think we need to put away our phones and enjoy what is around us we need to live in the here and now not what could be.  I too am guilty of this, but I can honestly say to this point I have not walked into a table.  Pay attention. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 13 choices
Oct. 13, 2014 5:34 am

Life is about choices.  We make good and bad choices all the time.  I went to the Ark game on Friday, it?s the game between the two local high schools, this year the Logan Rangers dominated the Central Red Raiders.  The bad choice there was at half time a Central student decided to shed his clothing and go for a job across the football field.  I think the best hit in the game was the coach tackling the kid.  I found out after the game that most of the students knew that this was going to happen, which surprises me that it was able to be pulled off.   As a parent I would be mortified if my kids did something such as this, you know we work our lives to teach our kids right from wrong and when they get the chance they make their own choices.  Speaking of choices, we have our choices to make in a few weeks with the mid-term election, the first of two debates was last Friday night, who do you think won?  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 10 voter id
Oct. 10, 2014 5:35 am

The US Supreme Court has blocked the State of Wisconsin from requiring the use of photo id to vote.  I waffle on this decision as I used to believe that you should have a photo id to vote but can see how there really weren?t that many people who cheated the system.  I understand that having only one fake vote spoils the whole process, but really requiring a voter id kind of puts a damper on voters anyway.  I look at it this way Election Day is coming up on November 4th.  I bet that most of the people reading this do not even know outside of the Governor?s race who is running and what that person stands for.  I think instead of worrying about if someone has the proper id we should really worry if people have the proper education to make a good choice.  Once we start getting more people who take their job as an American seriously and get out and vote then and maybe then we can worry if there is someone pretending to be someone else, till then lets just work on educating the voters.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 9 flu shot
Oct. 9, 2014 5:41 am

I am not afraid of getting a shot, or blood drawn.  A couple weeks ago I got the phenomena shot, today I will be getting my flu shot.  Funny when I get a shot or get blood drawn I like to watch, I mention it to whomever is doing the shot as to not make them uncomfortable, about a month ago I was in for my health screening physical for insurance and mentioned it to the lady doing the blood draw she said she doesn?t like to watch but she gets paid pretty well, we both had a laugh.  I wonder what makes people afraid of getting shots?  Out of my four kids only one of my kids hates it, maybe it is a percentage thing.  Do you get a flu shot, why or why not and are you afraid of needles, or dislike shots? 

Daily 8 Dose of BS Oct advertising
Oct. 8, 2014 5:38 am

Pretty cool to see a lunar eclipse this morning on way to work, my work buddies and I took a few moments out of our days to enjoy it together.  Gas prices are down again 3.26 per gallon, I am glad we never hit the 4 bucks that they were calling for.  All our prices are going up and wages are staying the same, who is making all the money?  I am not.  A restaurant right next door to the radio station closed, the weird thing is that they spent the spring and most of the summer working to get this restaurant open, I wonder how many thousands of dollars they spent?  They were open for less than two months, I guess it goes to show you that you do need to advertise your business.  We come across much advertising in the course of a day, what advertiser stands out to you and what caused that business to be top of mind?  I keep thinking of the old jingles like plop, plop fizz, fizz ? or libbys, libbys, libbys on the label, label, label.  Or Wettstein's  wow Wettstein's  now.  What advertiser has done this to you? 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 7 selective service
Oct. 7, 2014 5:40 am

 Let me start by saying I know I really have no right to talk about equal rights since I am a white middle class, middle aged male, the world was set up for people like me.  But I have been hearing lots of the register for selective service public service announcements on the radio and I also think I have seen a few spots on tv about registering if you are about to be an eighteen year old young man, you know the tag line it?s quick, it?s easy it?s the law.  With all the equal rights things that we as a society have been talking about over the past decade I believe that it shouldn?t only be young men who register, open that up to have young women register as well.  Either do that or do away with it all together.  We haven?t had a draft in my lifetime, and I really don?t see us having one anytime soon.  Don?t take what I am saying as a slam toward the military, or the government because it is not, or a slam on women and women?s rights, because it is not, I am just wondering out loud in a public place if first of all do we need to have 18 year old young men register for the selective service and secondly if needed why not make all 18 year olds register.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 6 apples and chili
Oct. 6, 2014 5:37 am

I didn?t even miss my favorite team not playing Sunday football, did you?  lesIt was a cold but great fall weekend.  The last few weekends have brought station promotions with parades and other station events, this weekend no different, there were four events that the 2 stations I am on were involved with helped with, including the Glow in the Deke glow run and walk.  For the 3rd year now my family has participated in this awesome event, and every year more friends and neighbors do it as well.  Yesterday brought a day of family activities including apple picking, we headed to the Shefelbine Orchard for our Honey Crisps this year.  This is our second year in a row going there not only do you get to learn a bit about the apples you get to sample while you pick.  After hitting up the orchard we did some grocery shopping and chili was at the top of the list for what was wanted for dinner, a huge pot of chili was made and I don?t know about you but mine changes every time I make it, there are some constants like meat, beans, tomatoes and brown sugar but after that every time is different.  Do you have a kickin chili recipe? 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 3 football
Oct. 3, 2014 5:33 am

NFL football should be on Sundays.  I don?t have time to dedicate more than one afternoon a week for football.  With the way life is now there isn?t time, we gotta do this, that and the other thing.  We have deadlines for work and life.  With that being said, I think the NFL should reconsider having games on other than Sundays.  Since I am talking about it now I also think that the games should be played on network tv, over the air, free network television.  Here is why, we as fans are invested in a team, we have our routines, our superstitions etc when watching a game, and when the delivery system changes the outcome of the game can as well.  I bet that Viking fans thought that they were going to march into Lambeau Field last night and beat the Packers, it could have happened if were a Sunday game but peoples mojo was off because it was a Thursday game, after all it isn?t known as any given Thursday, its every given Sunday.  And now what am I supposed to do Sunday afternoon, work?

Daily Dose of BS Oct 2 zoo
Oct. 2, 2014 5:35 am

I remember the cry for save the monkeys from many years ago.  Now the city of La Crosse has retained the former Myrick Hixon EcoPark and will be calling it Myrick Center.  If you recall 2006 and the grand plans for a new zoo, the monkeys, prairie dogs, bear, and caged deer all got new homes, I think the monkeys got jobs in the government but I am not sure.  I remember the plan was to bring in Wisconsin based animals and that all fell through, then the plan for different parks at the parks, and I am not really sure what happened there.  I do think that the building down at Myrick is a nice building and I hope that the city finds something the will be suitable for that structure to put in down there.  I also hope that the parks can be finished and what the heck since we are wishing, I hope the monkeys come back.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 1 ebola
Oct. 1, 2014 5:36 am

This is how it starts isn?t it?  This is how the zombie apocalypse starts.  Illnesses and sicknesses from all around the world converge on the United States and we use all our resources to combat them.  Are we on a crash course for doom?  We now have a case of Ebola in the good old USA.  And this isn?t the ordinary run of the mill Ebola that has made its way quickly through Africa, this is the new let?s sit in a body for a few days before presenting itself Ebola, a strain that makes us question even going outside and coming in contact with people.  Of course I jest about it being the zombie apocalypse but how far off from that are we, how close are we to following the path of the dinosaur and becoming extinct?  Could you imagine what the next world humans would be like?  And what they would think about our technology?  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 30 stuff
Sept. 30, 2014 5:35 am

My goal today is to have a super day.  I knew yesterday that today would be a challenge.  It started with a few of my scheduled events getting moved and changed but worked out.  I have a morning ritual on my way to work and timing of the lights, they didn?t work my way this morning, I got into work a few minutes later than usual.  Every morning I put my backpack in the office, grab my computer, my big water glass and fill it up with our bottled water and head to my studio, well the water cooler was leaking last night so they took the water out and grabbed the fan from-you guessed it my studio so now no water or fan.  Most people would just shake their head and think first world problems and if you do, you would be correct, but I like most people like things to fall into place, but if they don?t I can and have to move on as to we all do.  So laugh at these issues or not but know I will not let these or any problem stand in the way of me having a good day, cause that falls on me.  Enjoy the day.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 29 Oktoberfest
Sept. 29, 2014 5:35 am

Well we did it.  We made it through the shortened Oktoberfest celebration, what did you think of the new shortened fest?  I liked it, I didn?t find myself at fest any less than other years, in fact it looked as though there were more people out each of the 4 days, as to not miss anything.  I walked the Mapleleaf Parade on Saturday, it was typical we were number 124 in the parade and supposed to line up by 8am for a 10am start to the parade, we didn?t even start to move until after noon, which made for a long morning.  At least the weather was awesome.  I did have fun seeing many people that I haven?t seen in quite a while.   My biggest issues with the fest isn?t with fest at all but with the get as drunk as possible mentality of too many.   The drunk and disorderly folks especially around the college area left their garbage strewn all around.  I thought that West Avenue looked like a dump site.  Pick up after yourself.  And remember a community fest isn?t about getting a drunk as possible and wrecking the beauty around you.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 26 toilet paper and crying
Sept. 26, 2014 5:32 am

I hate having a cold.  My eyes have watered more in the past week than they did the last time I cried.  Yes I am man enough to admit that I have a cry once in a while.  I don?t think there is anything wrong with that.  One thing I do find wrong is the toilet paper companies and the smaller rolls and the process that they are attaching the beginning of the roll to itself, what kind of herculean process are they using to press this paper into itself?  I put a new roll on this morning and thought I had the flap going in the right direction, over the top in case you were not sure.  But the roll had me fooled, after busting thru the first couple of sheets, I finally got the roll free, and guess what it was on the spool backward, of course I corrected it.  Also when it comes to these rolls why is it that the process now goes through to the next layer also?  I don?t ever remember this being a problem in the past.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 25 Oktoberfest
Sept. 25, 2014 5:31 am

I finally finished watching the series Dexter, I think this is the first time I have seen a series from first episode to the last, at times I liked this series but by the end I was ready for it to end.  Have you ever watched an entire series of a show without missing an episode or watching out of order?  Another chapter of La Crosse Oktoberfest begins today with the Torchlight Parade that winds through the North Side of La Crosse.  We are also seeing a few less days but the same amount of things jam packed into the days.  Oktoberfest runs today through Sunday, maybe Oktoberfest could end like Dexter, with Ice Cream.  

Daily Dose of BS Sept 24 wednesdays
Sept. 24, 2014 5:41 am

We are at the half way of the work week.  Good old Wednesday, a downhill slide to the weekend if you will.  I personally like Wednesday because it is a half-way point, and at our house it is CCD night.  Productive I read a stat that said Wednesday is the 3rd most productive day of the week it goes like this Tuesday is the big day with 51% feeling productive, followed by Monday then good old Wednesday at 15%.  For me Wednesday is my longest day at the office I have to stick around for a brainstorm meeting then off to take on the day.  It is funny that Friday has only 1% of the population being motivated, for me I am pretty motivated on Fridays too, motivated to get my stuff done and get out of work that is.  

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