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Daily Dose of BS Nov 25 thankful
Nov. 25, 2015 5:36 am

Everyone is thankful for something, for example family, job, and the people in your life.  I get those things to be happy and thankful for, I really do.  I am also thankful for shelter, the food in my belly, the fact that I have modern conveniences all around me.  I am thankful for the media, I get my news, my laughter, my tears, my excitement, my livelihood from the newspaper, tv and the radio.  I am also thankful for education and learning, if not for that we would be stagnant.  I am thankful for the newer technologies that are all around us, even though I get irritated by people being on their computers and their phones all the time, I am grateful that this technology is here and within reach of most of us.  I think that it is fantastic that we live in a free society where if we want to complain about something, we can and that the government doesn?t throw us in jail, I am thankful for the men and women who protect us both at home and away.  The fact that I can turn on a light and have it flip on and flush a toilet and not have to worry about where it goes, that refrigeration keeps my food safe and that heat keeps me warm through the day.  It is great that we can hop into our cars and go.  When you are feeling down and that life sucks, step back and think, then thank.  Most off all I am thankful for you for reading this.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 18 Syrian refugees
Nov. 18, 2015 5:38 am

Unless every state says no to the Syrian refugees, the refugees can come flooding in right?  And what I mean by that is that if someone is in the United States there is nothing stopping them from freely traveling from state to state.  If there are fears of letting evil in why risk it?  On the other hand if the boarders were never open where would all of us be today?  There are not too many that don?t have some other nationality as part of our heritage.  On this topic I really don?t have an opinion, on one hand I would like the boarders closed, but on the other most of us wouldn?t be the people we are unless someone in our linage wouldn?t have seen America for what it is.  What do we do?  I am glad I am not a politician.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 17 HIV
Nov. 17, 2015 5:43 am

You know talking about HIV isn?t the most popular thing in the world, but lots of talk on HIV and AIDS will be talked about in the next few days because of Charlie Sheen and his revelation to the world that he is HIV positive.  I wonder if his diagnosis of HIV is what pushed him over the edge while on the show 2 and a half men.  I could see something like that making someone want to drink to forget.  I was growing up in the 80?s when the AIDS virus was first diagnosed and was of the generation that learned that you should always practice safe sex.  The thing that bugs me the most about this is that if Charlie Sheen did in fact have unprotected sex with people after getting diagnosed with HIV and didn?t tell them about it, if that was the case how many unsuspecting people may have the virus that causes AIDS due to his indiscretions, or for that matter anyone who has the diagnosis and doesn?t share their status.  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 16 senseless attacks
Nov. 16, 2015 5:30 am

I don?t get the senseless violence that is spread across the world.  The latest the attacks of concert venues in Paris.  What did those venues do to anyone?  129 dead and for what.  This is the kind of stuff that angers the world and makes people want to ban together not tear them apart.  I get that we are all different and have different beliefs but sane group has the bombing of unarmed innocents as the target?  What is trying to be accomplished here?  Anger the world and make people not trust?  With these attacks brings consequences, what do you suppose those will be?  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 13 fear
Nov. 13, 2015 5:43 am

The fear of something new and unknown those are the things that scare me, a few weeks ago we had Halloween, that is not scary, Today?s date Friday the 13th, or triskaidekaphobia, not scary.  The fear of black cats crossing the road, or any other fears or phobias.  Again not scary.  For me it is speaking in public, which I am working on and new technology at work.  I was dragged kicking and screaming to move from the old days of producing commercials on tape to digital, in about a week I was able to surpass what I could do old school with the new technology.  The newest step or bit of technology that I need to embrace is twitter, I have had an account since 2009 however it has mostly been dormant.  According to my boss it is time for the butterfly to emerge from the cocoon.  If you can help me.  Please do.  Please follow me on twitter @bswithbob

Daily Dose of BS Nov 9 trains
Nov. 11, 2015 5:41 am

Little old Alma Wisconsin made national news. 18,500 gallons of denatured alcohol spilled from tanker cars into our beloved Mississippi. The train was heading south bound, isn?t La Crosse south of Alma? I know that having the double tracks in La Crosse now means that more trains are moving through our community but do you ever really wonder what is being run through our town? This ethanol that spilled into the river could have serious implications to the habitat in the Mississippi, and all the water ways south. I kind of find it ironic that the day after the Keystone XL pipeline was vetoed by the President that 2 tankers end up in the ol Miss.

Daily Dose of BS Nov 10 cam
Nov. 11, 2015 5:40 am

Before the game on Sunday between the then 6 -1 Green Bay Packers and 7 ? 0 Carolina Panthers NFL quarterback Cam Newton took a banner down that said North Carolina Cheesehead, with a Packer Logo over the state. Newton claimed that it was disrespect in the home of the Panthers, I don?t disagree that it was disrespect but isn?t that what sports has become? Disrespecting the other teams? I am all for the friendly rooting for your team, wear your team colors and show the pride of your team but you shouldn?t be worried that someone will take your sign. Especially a multi-millionaire prima donna quarterback. I would be willing to bet if it was a fan that took the sign down that the fan would have been tossed out of the stadium and also be criminally charged. I guess I would like to know if you think that it is wrong for a fan to show support for their team when in the house of another team? Did Cam Newton do wrong? I think that he should man up and pay the guy for the sign, and apologize.

Daily Dose of BS Nov 11 veterans day
Nov. 11, 2015 5:39 am

Some in the service saw combat.  Some of the veterans were behind the scenes.  Some of the brave never returned.  Each and every one of the stories are different, but for the men and women who lived them, their time serving was unforgettable.  Today is Veterans Day, a day to celebrate our freedoms, and the Men and Women who have given of themselves to keep us free.  This Veterans Day, we honor all those who've made sacrifices many of us can only imagine - If you are serving or have served, thank you, if anyone in your family is or has served, thanks to you as well, because with that service came sacrifice to your family.  When you see a Veteran today or ever thank them for their service to our country.  God Bless America, and remember that our freedom is not free; someone paid the price for your freedom.  

Daily Dose of BS November 6 crowdfunding
Nov. 6, 2015 5:41 am

It seems as though more and more are turning to crowd funding these days.  From people looking to fund movies, to those that are trying to get an idea off the ground to those that are trying to beautify a neighborhood, to those looking to fund their college education.  When is enough ? enough?  Are we going to keep going to the well looking for more and more funds for things that in the old days you would either have to go to the bank of friends and family or a true bank?  Last year there was a guy who used kickstarter to try to raise ten dollars to learn how to make potato salad, he ended up making $55,492.  Come to think of it, I would like to learn how to make a killer coleslaw, any ideas?  

Daily Dose of BS Nov 3 music
Nov. 3, 2015 6:04 am

The way we add music to our libraries has changed.  I used to have 8 tracks, cassettes, albums including 45?s and cd?s.  Now I don?t even have a player for any of those mediums at my house.  I have a cd and cassette player in my cars, but none of the others.  I used to be a big fan of the Sony Walkman and then the Discman, now most of my non radio music comes from either my phone or a radio I bought a while ago that accepts SD cards.  Where our music used to be tangible now it is just a bunch of zeros and ones.  Movies the same thing, we just don?t have the collections of audio and video that we once had. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 29 parking
Oct. 29, 2015 5:37 am

The one thing you hear people complain about most in La Crosse is parking and that will soon be at the top of minds when alternate side parking is implemented next month.  We always have alternate side parking November 1st through April 1st if there is snow or no snow.  151 days to try to get it right. I like to look at it like a game you can?t win. I am lucky enough to have garage parking but my son isn?t as lucky. He gets to park behind the house, at least it isn?t on the street.  I personally dislike the alternate side parking law.  I have been living in LaCrosse for 23 but have only had 2 tickets for parking on the wrong side of the street.  With all this fine money collected, I wonder where it all goes? 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 28 not my job
Oct. 28, 2015 5:42 am

I can?t be the only one who notices when signs are messed up can I? For about the past week and perhaps even longer the sign for Highway 35 / Great River Road at the curve on George street right in front of Kwik Trip is upside down.  This isn?t the first time that I have talked about a sign in the city that is messed up.  These types of noticed bug me because I wait a few days to see if it gets fixed before I mention it, and I know I am not.  Speaking of signs there is a sign on the Western La Crosse Sign that someone scrawled the F word.  I know I am not perfect nor do I claim to be but I do try my best and if I notice something within my personal or work space I try to take care of it.  I guess that today?s lesson is open your eyes and notice things around you.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 26 mustard
Oct. 26, 2015 8:13 am

There are those who do and those who don?t.   Which type of person are you?  Personally I am one who doesn?t, well let me clarify that, I don?t most of the time.  I will occasionally use, but only in a rare case.  There are many out there that are using every day.  They are putting the stuff on everything from fries to sandwiches and bananas, I have even heard of some putting it in their hair.  Really the only time I ever use mayo is when making egg salad, tuna salad or a blt.  Now for me I am of the other camp, I love a good hardy mustard.  There are many flavors of the yellow stuff out there, but I prefer either a whole grain mustard, a stone ground, regular or horseradish mustard but not a honey mustard, yuck to sweet.  Which is weird because I love peanut butter and honey.  Anyway which camp are you a mayo, or mustard person, or the rare bird, both?

Daily Dose of BS October 23 ethical question
Oct. 23, 2015 5:36 am

An ethical question was raised yesterday in class.  If you were a engineering a train and on the track ahead of you were 5 workers and they couldn?t get out your way and would die if you continued down that track, and on another track that you noticed had only one worker that would die if you switched tracks at the last second what would you do?  I spoke first and said I would let the train continue to go down the first track instead of switching to the other track because the original track was something that I had no control of, if I were to switch tracks I would be the one who killed that one person.  After I explained my logic I had a handful of classmates agree with my way of thinking.  If you were in that situation what would you do?  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 22 CMNH
Oct. 22, 2015 5:39 am

Today marks the start of the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon in La Crosse. With a goal of over one hundred thousand dollars to help families with kids, those kids facing health challenges. Last year over 8,000 local kids were helped by the Children?s Miracle Network Hospital and each and every child served has a story of courage and perseverance. Please dig deep in your pockets, your seat cushions and piggy banks and help the La Crosse Radio Group reach this goal to help thousands of children and their families this year. The phones are manned 6a-6p today and tomorrow and 8a-3p on Saturday. Help the Children?s Miracle Network Hospitals radioathon. The number to help is toll free 800-853-6889. Please put your money where the miracles are.

Daily Dose of BS Oct 21 guns
Oct. 21, 2015 5:43 am

There is a letter to the editor today in the La Crosse Tribune that suggests that there be a plain clothed defender assigned to each school that could be a familiar face in the school and be trained to protect the innocent.  I like this idea.  I was at a store yesterday and they had the posted no weapons allowed sign hanging on the door.  I thought to myself if I was up to no good and had a gun to bring in, would a sign stop me.  The answer to that is no way.  But if I was up to no good and I knew that the possibility of someone within the walls of where it was posted no weapons had a weapon, I think I would rethink going in to that place.  I think that ideas like this have merit, don?t you?  

Daily Dose of BS October 20 skateboarding
Oct. 20, 2015 5:42 am

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  How did you spend it?  I raked, and played outside with my kids.  When the kids got home from school we BS?ed for a few minutes then I asked who wanted to play catch, neither did, but they wanted to play a little basketball, I have got to be the worst hoops player in the world after taking about 50 shots and missing almost all of them I was about ready to hang it up and head inside with my head held low.  My daughter then pulled out the long board and asked if I would pull her around the block, I did, then told her I used to skateboard when I was her age.  She didn?t believe me, I then very nervously mounted the board and did something that I haven?t done in probably 33 years, I skate boarded, slow at first, then a bit faster, and it felt awesome.  I guess that the lesson today is don?t be afraid to try something again for the first time. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 19 playboy
Oct. 19, 2015 5:38 am

I heard over the weekend that Playboy magazine is going nude free in the future.  Starting with the issue in March of 2016 there will be no more nude pictures in the magazine.  I guess all those times when people said that they were reading it for the articles really were true.  As a young man it was always a rite of passage for you to sneak a peak of the magazine.  I guess that went away when people stopped buying magazines.  Speaking of change, I am not a fan of the throwback jerseys that the NFL have forced down our throats these past few years, watching the Packers game yesterday brought the comments from more than one that it doesn?t look like they are wearing pants.  To me it is just another way for the NFL to take more money from us fans.  

Daily Dose of BS Oct 16 freedom honor flight
Oct. 15, 2015 10:34 am

I was never in the Military, I do however respect all those who have chosen that path.  Some real important people in my life have gone in the service from my Grandpa Schmidt, to my Dad, to many of my buddies, and more.  We all have special people in our lives who put Country first, many have come back from serving only to not get the thanks that they have deserved, which makes me sad.  If not for the sacrifice of their time and efforts we would not be free as we are today.  The reason I bring this up today rather than on a Veteran?s holiday is that my good friend Lloyd is making the trip tomorrow to Washington DC as a Hero, on board the Freedom Honor Flight.  From the first flight in 2008 has been making this a special day for our Veteran.   To my good friend Lloyd and to the others on the trip, thank you for your service. 

Daily Dose of BS Oct 15 overdose
Oct. 15, 2015 5:39 am

Why is it news when a celebrity overdoses or is on the verge of death when they brought it on themselves?  There are thousands of cases of regular old people who are struggling with addiction each and every day.  I will bet that you are close with someone who is or is recovering from substance abuse.  When the national media glorifies the fact that this celebrity has gone in to a coma or that celebrity has died I think it takes away from the local problem that we have right here, in our own back yard.  I am sorry that these celebrities have issues, and cannot deal with the celebrity machine that they have built, but it was something that has been done by them, as it is when it happens here with someone you love.  All we can do is reach out and offer a hand, and an ear.  And let them know that there is help.  Let?s stop glorifying drug use and abuse.

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