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Family Fest Fave 5
Feb. 22, 2017 6:49 pm

Hard for be to believe that Family Fest 2017 is THIS SUNDAY already! With this being my second with Magic 105, I know a lot more of what to expect of the event and it's safe to say I'm excited for it! This Fave Five features my five favorite parts of Family Fest!

5) Getting to interact with local businesses

It's pretty neat getting to meet a lot of different people within the Coulee Region and to learn more about their businesses. The booths are very interactive from bowling to throwing paper airplanes. Plus a lot of businesses offer chances to win various prizes too! Did I mention free stuff?

4) Entertainment

Some great entertainment is set to take the stage in the South Hall this year. Pumped to see some of the new performers including my friend Miss Onalaska Erin O'Brien!

3) GIANT INFLATABLES from Big Event Company

Do I really need to say more?

2) Awesome food

The La Crosse Loggers, Burrachos and the Onalaska Dairy Queen will all be at the La Crosse Center on Sunday. REMEMBER: calories don't count at Family Fest.

1) Fun for the family

Hands down my favorite part of Family Fest is seeing how much fun that everyone has at the event. There's really everything for the entire family and it's absolutely free! Hope to see you all on Sunday!

This Yule Dumpster Fire Is The Yule Log for 2016
Dec. 13, 2016 11:11 am

Since 2016 has been such a hideous year, a wise YouTuber created this Dumpster Fire video to play for the holidays instead of the usual Yule Log! Enjoy.

WATCH: Michael Phelps in NO MOOD for Questions From The Local News
Aug. 18, 2016 8:09 am

Olympian Michael Phelps returned to U.S. soil and was in absolutely no mood for questions from the local media. Check it out.

*NSYNC Reunited for JC's 40th!
Aug. 9, 2016 10:39 am

Justin Timberlake posted a pic on Instagram of a little *NSYNC reunion at JC's 40th birthday party! Precious. Happy 40th, JC!

WATCH: Guy Walks 3100 Miles Across America
Aug. 3, 2016 9:07 am

Incredible! A man decided to walk 3100 miles across America and document his journey...just because!

Want A Bacon Cheeseburger With A Shot In The Middle?
July 26, 2016 10:10 am

What a time to be alive!

And how did it take this long for this to become a thing? 

A restaurant in Sydney, Australia just created a new bacon cheese burger on a bagel...and it's got a SHOT OF BOURBON jammed in the hole.

The burger also has bacon that's glazed with bourbon and a bourbon barbecue sauce. BRING THIS TO AMERICA NOW. Thank you.

A Hot Bath Is Just As Good For You As Exercising?
July 25, 2016 1:39 pm

Break out the rubber duckies because a new study has found that taking a hot bath for half an hour burns as many calories as a half hour walk! Hot bath's get your metabolism going and reduces blood pressure.

Both activities reportedly burn 140 calories! Count me in!

Insult Your Friends With Trump Generator
July 18, 2016 3:18 pm

So I was on Facebook today and noticed that people were sending insults to each other by using this "Trump Generator."

The site essentially takes the name you type in and incorporates it to previous tweets that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump have written. No matter who you support, this is pretty funny! Check it out.

Food Options At New Vikings Stadium
July 12, 2016 4:18 pm

The Minnesota Vikings just unveiled all of the food options that will be available at the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium this season. The food looks absolutely incredible. 

Check out the entire list here, but what caught my eye right away was the FIVE POUND COOKIE from T-Rex Cookie Company in Minneapolis. 

Unbelievable! As a Vikings fan, my desire for season tickets grew even higher! What do you think?

'Selfie Dad' Copies Daughter's Instagram in Hilarious Posts
June 30, 2016 8:55 am

This guy wins the Internet today. Comedian Burr Martin noticed a lot of risque photos that his daughter was posting on Instagram, so he thought he would join in on the "fun." Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Women Wearing Low-Cut Shirts Are 19 Times More Likely to Get a Job Interview
June 29, 2016 10:34 am

Well this sets men AND women back at least 40 years...

A new study just found that if you're a woman and want to get a job interview, don't worry about tweaking your resume or writing a good cover letter. NOPE, the best thing you can do is...wear a LOW-CUT SHIRT!

Researchers in France had some women send in job applications with a picture that didn't show cleavage...and had some send in pictures that were more revealing.

The women who wore the low-cut shirts were NINETEEN TIMES more likely to get an interview.

The study didn't figure out if the women were more likely to get hired, though. So it may just only be a foot in the door.

A Guy Lost 140 Pounds by Eating...Chick-Fil-A?
June 28, 2016 9:22 am

This is crazy! A 25-year-old guy in Denver, Colorado named Alton Ward lost 140 pounds in one year, just by eating Chick-fil-A!

He says when he was at Texas A&M University four years ago, he was 355 pounds. He tried everything to lose the wait...Jenny Craig, Aitkins, juice diets, you name it!

But there was a Chick-fil-A on campus, and he liked their food. So he started working out and eating there every day.

He'd get their healthier stuff, like grilled chicken wraps and sandwiches, soup, and salads...and over the course of the year he dropped 140 POUNDS!

Just look at the before and after pic above! How neat is that?

30 Days of Clean Eating
June 27, 2016 8:30 am


So, on a bit of a whim yesterday, I decided that I'm going to eat clean for 30 days straight. 

I tend to be one of the "healthier" people in our building, but lately I've hit a slump with my diet. I usually eat clean during the week and eat whatever on the weekends. 

Two problems with that: 
  1. The "cheat days" are starting to roll over to the weekdays too. 
  2. I've been using my heavy workout schedule as an excuse to eat foods that I shouldn't be eating.

So, I thought now would be the perfect time to get my act together and really commit to eating clean for 30 days straight.

Goals: Improved fitness level (running faster, doing pull-ups, etc.), better fitting clothes, better number on the scale and overall health.

Obstacles I will face: Free lunch at work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, work events (Riverfest, Logger games) and social events (4th of July)

How I will overcome these obstacles: Preparation is KEY. I did some hardcore meal prepping last night and will continue to do so when needed. Also, logging all my food on myfitnesspal (smartphone app) will help tremendously.

Now I challenge you to do the same! It doesn't need to be 30 days. Scale it down to whatever you think is reasonable. But go through the same process of writing down your goals, obstacles and how you'll overcome them. And then get after it! Your goals aren't going chase themselves!

Stay tuned as I share a sample of my daily meal plan within the next day or two!

Shoot me a tweet: @isaacwenzel

Deep Friend Cheetos Stuffed With Mac and Cheese
June 23, 2016 11:34 am

Whoa. Burger King is getting wild with some of these new creations. Get this, different Burger Kings around the country are going to start selling "Mac n' Cheetos."

You heard me.

It's deep fried Cheetos, stuffed with mac and cheese. Five of them will cost $2.49.

Not sure how I feel about this one.

Cookie Dough Beer?!
June 22, 2016 9:42 am

Ahhhh! It's real! New Belgium has partnered with Ben & Jerry's to make a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale.

All we know is that it will come out on a limited run this fall. I can't wait to try it, how about you?

Send me a tweet: @isaacwenzel

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