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This store is selling Valentine’s Day food in the most Wisconsin way possible

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
This store is selling Valentine's Day food in the most Wisconsin way possible

If you’re not from Wisconsin, you probably don’t understand the extreme love for cheese curds. No, not the kind you get at the Fair, deep-fried and boiling hot, even though those are delicious, too. These are pure cheese in small chunks that, if super fresh, “squeak” when you bite into them.

One Wisconsin cheese shop has taken the state’s love for cheese to the next level. Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese store in Luxemberg, WI (near Green Bay) is selling pink and red “sweetheart” cheese curds.

Order them for your loved ones and they can be shipped to you! The store guarantees they’re made with love and are fresh enough to squeak.



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