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Reebok : 1, Nordstrom : 0

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
Reebok : 1, Nordstrom : 0

So last week we heard about the fake mud jeans that Nordstrom was selling. Jeans with fake mud on them for a measly $425. Yup.

Reebok saw the kind of attention these were getting, and as a joke, decided to market a “sweat shirt”. A simple red t-shirt with the Reebok logo and fake sweat stains on it. In their description, it reads “We’re putting in the hard work for you and giving you a pre-sweated tee for that post-workout look and smell.”

BRILLIANT. I find this hilarious, and also, I like when companies play with each other in this manor.

The shirt’s cost? $425. Get this, they sold out within a day. -GM

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