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2017’s Most Fun States in America – Where’s Wisconsin?

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

WalletHub came up with complete rankings of the most fun states in 2017. Where does Wisconsin land? Well, not quite as high as our neighbor to the West.

Wisconsin is ranked 21st on the list, while Minnesota is ranked 12th.

Why is this? Well, according to Wallet Hub’s calculations, they “compared the 50 states across 22 key indicators of a jolly good time that won’t break the bank. They range from movie costs to accessibility of national parks to casinos per capita.”

Clearly they didn’t factor drinking in this list…

Source: WalletHub

Rest of the Top 10:

1. Nevada

2. South Dakota

3. Colorado

4. North Dakota

5. New York

6. Wyoming

7. Oregon

8. Louisiana

9. Montana

10. Hawaii

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