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Why I Like Today: “Goodwill Dates”

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

A Florida couple turned their trip to Goodwill, into a creative date night idea.

Cody Andrews, 29 and his girlfriend, Paula Williams, 26, were dropping off donations at their local Goodwill in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, back in 2015 when Andrews’ came up with an idea.

Andrews’ thought it would be a good idea to buy girlfriend, Paula, an entire outfit to wear out … in public!

The couple, both full-time students, made a few rules. The gave each other a $10 budget, the clothes must be gender-appropriate and they had to agree to wear the clothes out on a date together!

They also challenged another couple to do it and join them!

This is a great idea for a cheap date night that will be fun for the two of you!

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