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The Most Sought After Trait In Dating

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Ah the dating life, it’s an interesting one these days isn’t it?! From Tinder to POF to actually meeting people in the “bar scene”, we have multiple resources to find that right one.

So, you have a multitude of candidates at your fingertips, but what is the trait you desire the most? Is attractiveness the most important to you? Perhaps their intelligence or sense of humor?

EliteSingles wanted to know just how much factors into finding love, and surveyed 400,000 singles in order to find out. Their results? Kindness was the most valuable and most sought after trait in searching for a long-term partner.

A whopping 82% of women and 70% of men rated kindness as extremely important in finding a long-term partner, even trumping expected winners like sexual attraction, emotional connection, and moral values.

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