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Target Stores to Test Curbside Pick-Up

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Target has dropped some devastating news as of late with the upcoming discontinuation of Merona and Mossimo clothing brands. They also announced that they are doing away with the Carthweel app.

However, there’s some potentially good news for Target fans in the future!

Target is testing out Curbside Pick-Up in select Twin Cities locations! The concept is being tested out with employees currently and the stores hope to test with customers in the near future!

Target explains the process by saying, “After placing an order online or through the app, customers drive up to one of the designated “parking for order pickup” spaces and employees bring the respective items straight to their cars.”

Fingers crossed it makes it over to this side of the border! Would be nice to go to Target and actually JUST pick up the ONE thing you went there for!

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