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Top 5 Justin Timberlake Songs of All-Time

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Since it was announced that he he’s likely going to be performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Minneapolis, here’s my Top 5 Justin Timberlake Tracks of All-Time! Warning: it’s going to get controversial.

5. Seniorita

Underrated song from his first album Justified. Such a good jam.

4.  Summer Love

Catchy as junk. Enough said.

3. What Goes Around…Comes Around

Super well produced track from his sophomore album with tons of fantastic hooks.

2. Cry Me a River

Safe to say Justified is my favorite album.

1. Like I Love You

The track that immediately follows Seniorita on Justified. That guitar riff is the best.

No, I didn’t even touch the 20/20 Experience. But their tracks are all awesome from top to bottom.Thoughts? Let’s hear ’em!


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