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How Much Turkey Should You Prepare For Thanksgiving?

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How Much Turkey Should You Prepare For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving…a holiday full of family, friends, and FOOD! When you’re the host, however, meal planning and prep can become an overwhelming task. And when it comes to the staple of the meal, the turkey, just how much should you cook to ensure you don’t run out? (and have enough for leftover for turket sandwiches of course)

According to the experts who run Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line, 1.5 pounds of turkey per person will give you a generous serving on Thanksgiving, and leave you with generous leftovers to snack on as well.

If you’re hosting a large number of guests, the experts suggest supplementing a whole turkey with extra turkey legs or turkey breasts (boneless or bone-in).

Buying an extra turkey breast is an especially good choice if most people at your table prefer white meat.

Source: Butterball Calculator

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