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Couple Who Love Olive Garden Are Naming Their Daughter “Olivia Garton”

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Here’s a couple in Fort Smith, Arkansas named Justin and Jordin Garton, and they’re about to have a daughter. ¬†She’s due in a few weeks, and they’ve decided to name her Olivia. ¬†And with their last name Garton, that makes her Olivia Garton.

The Gartons say they ARE huge Olive Garden fans, but the name is just a coincidence.

But for a coincidence, they’re REALLY leaning into it . . . Justin announced the name last week by¬†tweeting¬†a baby onesie with the Olive Garden logo that says “Olivia Garton” instead.

And if you’re wondering, Olive Garden has already heard about the name and they¬†tweeted¬†that they want to send Olivia a gift.

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