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Here’s The Top Seven Most Hated Easter Candies

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What’s interesting about this list is that some of the most iconic Easter candies can be considered the worst. As in, they have a strong legacy, maybe for their marketing, but not for their taste. For example, we all knew that Peeps were going to be number one on this list, yet Peeps introduced eight new flavors of their marshmellow sugary birds this year. Do you ever see anyone actually eating these things? Another, Cadbury Creme Eggs, which actually still uses some of their 80’s television commercials, because they are so recognizable (and also clever). The taste is, however, an acquired one lol.

Overall I agree with these picks, although I will say that a chocolate bunny can be far from the worse, if you buy one with quality chocolate. Generic jelly beans aren’t always bad, but in general you get what you pay for, so yeah buy the good ones this Easter and your househould will appreciate it. -GM

7. Reese’s Pieces Pastel Easter Eggs

There are certain Reese’s Easter products that are absolutely delicious. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg, for example, is always a big hit. But Reese’s really missed the mark with their Pastel Easter Eggs — they’re just nothing special. E! News put it best when they said, “There are better ways to enjoy Reese’s during Easter.”

6. Cadbury Creme Egg

The amount of sugar that goes into a Cadbury Creme Egg is bigger than the egg itself. If you’ve ever tasted one of these overly sweet candies, the fact that they each contain 150 calories (about a serving of ice cream) probably doesn’t come as much of a shock to you.  Not only are they too sweet, they just aren’t appetizing to think about. The goo on the inside mirrors the contents of a real raw egg, and who wants to slurp up the content of a raw egg on Easter morning?

5. Jordan Almonds

Nobody gets excited about Easter nuts, they get excited about Easter candy! Unless you’re trying to filter in a few healthier, protein-packed options, go ahead and skip the almonds. “Too bad the sugar coating tastes more like chalk than anything found in a kitchen, and the almonds contained within are generally flavorless,” says Houston Press.

4. Bunny Munny Chocolate Crisp Coins

Chocolate gold coins are actually pretty good, but Bunny Munny is not. They’re a cheap treat, but just not very good at all. Dessert Report says the chocolate Bunny Munny is made out of (Palmer chocolate) looks and tastes like “sweetened candle wax.”

3. Off-brand jelly beans

If they’re not tried and true Jelly Bellies, nobody wants them. Every year around Easter lots of imitation jelly beans will start to pop up. One of the grossest, sickeningly sweet options is the Starburst Jelly Bean — they all taste the same and the dye tends to run off on your hands when you hold them. Better stick to the real thing if you want a crowd pleaser.

2. Chocolate bunnies

Those big, waxy chocolate bunnies may look cute, but they’re just not very good. When you’re gifted one on Easter Sunday, you’ll probably nibble off a bit of the ear to be polite, but the chocolate usually isn’t good enough to ever want to finish the whole thing. This year, skip the bunny and buy a higher quality chocolate bar instead.

1. Peeps

The signature Easter candy is also the most hated. Surprisingly, brightly colored, sugary marshmallows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. “They’re tasteless, annoyingly gooey, and if we’re being honest, a bit disturbing,” reads Reader’s Digest. Though they fill store aisles come March, and inhabit almost every Easter basket, they’re what’s most likely to get thrown out.

Source: Cheatsheet

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