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Keenum To The Broncos, Cousins To The Vikings

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Alright Minnesota fans, here’s another loop on the rollercoaster of the team you love (and hate, ya know, sometimes)…

Sources say that Case Keenum, the non-starting QB that threw infamous pass to Stephan Diggs in the final play dubbed the “Minneapolis Miracle”, intends on signing with the Denver Broncos when free agency opens on Wednesday. The word is it will be a 3-year, 18-20 million dollar deal. Now, I actually quite enjoy this news as a MN native and a transplant to Colorado for a few years, as I follow of both teams. It’s kind of a best of both worlds scenario for me.

On the Vikings QB watch, it looks like it will be a go for Kirk Cousins, formerly of the Washington Redskins, to start as Minnesota’s new QB next season. This deal:  3-years, 86 million dollars…WOW.

It think both QB’s will fit in with their new franchises, and although it was fun watching Keenum and the Vikings last year, the Broncos desperately needed a change, and hopefully he is the change they need. On the other hand, with his experience in the game, Cousins should also feel at home with the rest of the roster in Minnesota.

So what about the Vikings’ Sam Bradford? Rumor is he’s heading to Arizona. Oh, and Teddy Bridgewater? He’s apparently working on a deal with the Jets. Oh this is going to be a good season. -GM

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