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Mom Renames Son After Typo In Tattoo Of His Name

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
Mom Renames Son After Typo In Tattoo Of His Name

So, a woman hits up a tattoo parlor to get the names of her two kids in ink. What happens? Her boy’s name is spelled wrong. What should have read Kevin was now in her skin as Kelvin.

Ok, there are a couple things that just don’t make sense here. First of all, she (apparently) had to approve the tattoo before he started the job, and according to the story she did. So, did she just not see the “L” in the spelling? Was the spelling she gave him correct, and he actually messed up? Second, even if she missed that, did she not look down at the tattoo at ALL when he was inking her? She could have caught it right away. If I’m going to get ink I’m going to be watching what’s being done as quality control.

Regardless, when she finally noticed the mistake, she broke down in tears. What to do now? Why not rename her kid to Kelvin? The child was almost two years old at the time, and now they are going to rename him because of a tattoo goof? Well, that’s what her and the husband decided to do.

Congrats, you’ve renamed your child after an Instagram filter.


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