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A Personal Thank You Card On Radiothon Day 2

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105
A Personal Thank You Card On Radiothon Day 2

We have been having a fantastic day here at the Gundersen Health System clinic lobby. Not only for the funds raised with the help of your donations, but with the fun we’ve had with our current and past Heros and finding out about the fantastic progress they’ve made.

I was just handed something very special from one of our previous Heros, a hand-drawn thank you card. This. This is what really makes me aware of how real┬áthese kids and their stories are. That connection to these kids and their families is really special. It’s why I’m proud to do this Radiothon every year. I encourage you to stop down and watch this event live tomorrow on the final day. It will hit you right in the feels.


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