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Thanksgiving memories

La Crosse, WI, United States / Magic 105

Thanksgiving.. the time to be thankful for stuff…. Well this year I am thankful to able to drive home. I am thankful there will be enough food for me to have 3 plates. Could you believe years ago when I was still living in Chicago I got stuck working on a Thanksgiving once? I mean heck ya I got paid holiday pay and it was a easy shift. But when I got home the worst thing happened. I walked through the door greeted by family, but they all had this look of shame on their face… Immediately I was concerned. Moving fast into the kitchen I came to realize that they had eaten damn near all the food. I was devastated lol So the next best thing was get money and go buy Boston Market for my turkey day. Since that year when able to get home I force my way to the front of the food line and make sure I get two plates worth of food so something that tragic never happens again. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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