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Matt Cuervo | Afternoons 2p-7P on Magic 105

Thanksgiving.. the time to be thankful for stuff.... Well this year I am thankful to able to drive home. I am thankful there will be enough food for me to have 3 plates. Could you believe years ago when I was still living in Chicago I got stuck working on a Thanksgiving once? I mean heck ya I got paid holiday pay and i...
Nov 20, 2018
So I decided last minute to pack a bag and jet over to Madison for the weekend. Now keep in mind the last time I was in Madison I was like a young teenager on his way with his parents to Cave on the mound lol. So it's been a while since I've been to Madison. Any how what a weekend, got to link up with two best friends ...
Nov 12, 2018
Well I have yet to see this movie. But I definitely have to if it made 122 Million on its opening weekend. I have always been a fan of Queen. So of course I will have to venture out and watch this movie soon. Now not all bio pics are good. I have seen plenty that just don't really do a great job. But this one looks to ...
Nov 05, 2018
Happy Halloween everyone!!! Being 32 most would think I wouldn't participate in dressing up. Most of  you would be right. But this year I dressed up as Juany Cash for a party in downtown La Crosse, but for work I decided to wear a new purchase I made recently... A taco hat. As Gary Michael's was calling it. Taco J...
Oct 31, 2018
I just want to say thank you Youtube and Brandi TV for making and sharing this hilarious yet creepy video. perfect timing for Halloween and good for a laugh.
Oct 25, 2018

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About Matt

I hail from the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

While hunting and gathering in Illinois my family and I spent time at our shack in Necedah for years. So. it’s definitely good to be back up North.

Lets’ see, blue is my favorite color.

I love all food especially fried foods, and love to dance and cook at the same time.

I like to think one day I will work out and get in shape…. a man can dream.

I’m a music enthusiast and guitar player.

I’m excited to spread the good words of ridiculousness topics and great music!