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Tears And Smiles And Radiothon

Tears And Smiles And Radiothon

Just like that, we are back to a very special time of year for the La Crosse Media Group. The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Radiothon.

It’s that time when we pack up our mic’s, laptops, and gear, and head down to the Gundersen Health System lobby downtown La Crosse. As we do each year, we setup our mobile studios, we situate all of our literature, and program our radio stations with a special touch playing montages and bits from the local kids and families that have fought or are fighting an illness. The families that have found relief with the help of the CMN Hospitals.

We’ve done this for years, and although it may appear like more of the same procedure each year, there is one thing that always changes. One thing that moves people in the room. One thing that is sure to bring tears, and smiles, to the faces in the room… It’s when we hear the stories for the very first time from our five Heros. It’s when their parents tell us about their initial reaction to the news that they knew something was wrong. Something that was life changing for them, knowing that their child just may be living their life a little differently than their peers. It’s when we realize how much of a struggle it is for these kids and their families.

I encourage you to listen this Thursday through Saturday to the stories from these families, and consider how much, even a small donation, can help these local kids with their struggles. You’ll find though, that it’s not all tears. There are some big smiles on these kids faces, after getting the help they needed through the CMN Hospitals. BTW, you’re invited to stop by the lobby for a live look at the interviews, and perhaps to meet our Heros! -GM